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Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

I welcome you to my psychotherapy practice offering therapy for adult individuals, couples, and families.

Therapy is helpful in a variety of situations, dealing with long-standing difficulties or in response to unexpected changes or new challenges.

Working with a therapist can greatly enhance your quality of life whether you have clinical symptoms/conditions or not. It helps you learn more about yourself and others, as well as develop new ways of coping with life challenges preventing you from reaching your personal and professional goals and potential.

In a safe, collaborative, and supportive working environment one can start recognizing that when one door has closed another one will open for him/her.

As Helen Keller wrote “ When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

I take a collaborative approach with clients and provide compassion, support, and acceptance necessary for change and growth. I truly believe in people's strengths and ability to cope, learn, and grow.

Whatever your challenge or concern may be, I invite you to explore my website and give me a call to set up a consultation and learn more.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Ronit Lev
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Ronit Lev

About Therapy

What is therapy? What should I expect?

Therapy is considered an exchange of opinions and ideas to effectively solve daily living issues associated with emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problems. Therapy is not a teaching session but a relationship where you can learn about your life, your feelings and your choices. This kind of learning is not always easy, and can take more than a few session, but a successful therapy often brings a sense of empowerment to create a powerful, lasting change.

How does it Work?

In our first face-to-face meeting I will initially focus on the concerns that brought you to my office and we could both decide whether I am the best person to provide the services you need. If you don't feel comfortable working with me, or if your problem does not lie within the areas of my expertise, I will refer you to other qualified professionals.

Once we agree to work together, we will usually meet once a week for 50 minutes. In sessions, we would talk about your current concerns and explore them together.


Do I really need counseling?

Often, you can help yourself or can get help from friends and family. People often feel that they should be able to handle situations on their own. However, there are times where it is more productive to have an objective listener. Counseling can help you identify options, feelings and future goals to enhance your emotional well-being.     

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with family difficulties? Is your relationship struggling to stay balanced? Does anxiety prevent you from enjoying life? Is alcohol and/or drug use impacting your life and relationships? Have you recently lost your job? Are you experiencing depression? Is parenting young children or teens frustrating? Are you grieving the loss of a partner or special person in your life?
Your world may seem painful and distorted which can produce feelings of anger, despair, sadness, anxiety, fear, and a sense of hopelessness and overwhelm. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I can help guide you through your journey to feeling a sense of stability and fulfillment again. Together we can identify your strengths and challenges, as well as internal and external resources to help support your emotional strength. We will explore new opportunities for reframing your thoughts in more realistic, nourishing ways. You will be able to cry and laugh in a safe and trusting environment, and express your feelings openly and honestly. You will feel stronger, more optimistic, and hopeful about life.
I can be a source of support, guidance, and compassion. I encourage you to let me show you how having a safe, empathic, non-judgmental, and confidential space to express your feelings can be very healing.


"It was the first year that I strongly realized how thankful I am to people who touched my life, to events that happened in my life and many small things surrounding me. You gave me many tools to fully live my life. It was the best gift ever! Thank you very much.  Thanks again for being part of my life..."

"You were instrumental on how to analyze my job transition  / opportunities and while the final decision was mine I appreciate your ability to be natural and objective on what is best for me. I did learn lots about my blind spots and the different hats I need to wear when talking to different people / personality styles.  Most of all how to breath, wait and then respond.  Also the linking to inner child and recognizing when we go back to that first reaction of fear or other emotions can still have an effect in our adult lives. I have enjoyed out time together in 2016. Thanks for all that you have done to raise my awareness and make me a better communicator. " 

“I’m super grateful for having worked with you and hope to return as needed. I’ve learned a lot about myself by way of EMDR!  You are a very good EMDR therapist and I like you very much”

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