Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency: Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911  
  • Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 408-279-3312  
  • Contact Support Hotline (for ANY urgent need): 408-850-6125  
  • Support Network for Battered Women: 800-572-2782  
  • Next Door (domestic violence support for men and women): 408-279-2962  
  • Adult Protective Services (elder/dependent adult abuse):: 408-928-3860  
  • Child Protective Services (child abuse): 408-299-2071  
  • Safe Place Teen Line: 888-247-7717  
  • Red Cross Runaway Hotline: (youth and adults) 800-621-4000  
  • The Bridge (rape support for male and female victims): 408-779-2115  
  • HAND Hotline (for parents of deceased infants): 408-850-6168  
  • California Youth Crisis Hotline: 800-843-5200  
  • Valley Medical Center for Psychological Emergencies: 408-885-6100

Emergency Numbers - suicide, crisis, domestic violence and more

Other Resources


Recommended Reading

  • The Blue Eyed Girl - William Goodson, M.D.The author,  William Goodson, is an MD who has dedicated his career to improving women’s  health.  In this  fascinating novel, Goodson presents a story which relates the aftermath of rape, in a sensitive and insightful  way.  Goodson offers a  revealing look into the life and mind of a predator, as well as that of a date rape survivor. The narrative is well written and is well researched, it provides an exploration into diplomacy, cultural differences and into the complex effect of secrets on the soul.   This story will empower women to open up and speak about their experiences with sexual assault. It is thought provoking regarding issues related to shame, guilt, family values, gender differences, trust and the gradual evolution of  women’s roles, spanning the period from 1950’s to present day.
  • Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction - David SheffA honest and heartbreaking book. David Sheff gives a fascinating and interesting perspective on addiction and how it is a family disease, one that does not just affect the family member who is using, but also whoever interacts with that person. Sheff describes in a unique and compelling way the intensity and abnormality of chronic, serious drug abuse, and how seriously the issue needs to be taken, as well as how much damage drug use and abuse can do to families, society, and individuals. Families dealing with these problems may find this book informative and helpful to bring them to a measure of peace as well as understanding of the disease cycle. David Sheff offers a few tips he has picked up along his journey, but he doesn't consider himself an expert adviser on addiction.
  • The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook, Second Edition - Kathy SteligoAt a time when they are most vulnerable, women who lose their breasts to cancer must make decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives, often without the information they need.  Women often find it  overwhelming to become well informed about the nature as well as the benefits and risks involved in each  breast  reconstruction  procedure option.  Kathy Steligo addresses  in this book the complex issue of breast reconstruction following mastectomy.  This book offers up-to-date comprehensive information and valuable resources for anyone who is considering breast reconstruction.  Kathy gives  a realistic idea of what to expect with each procedure.  She  describes the way each procedure is done, how to prepare for  surgery,  ,and what to expect during the weeks following surgery.  In addition, she speaks about potential complications and how to deal with them.  She also suggests how to select a doctor, and  how to pay for treatment.   Each chapter includes insights from women who have been through it all. The text is easy to read, and contains a nice balance of technical and practical information.